I really, really, REALLY do NOT understand the

I really, really, REALLY do NOT understand the fascination, or maybe it’s fixation, the media seems to have on Channing Tatum. He’s an actor not a cure for terminal diseases and yet it seems like everytime I turn around there he is. I went to a movie with some friends last month and one of the previews was for White House Down. I’m sitting there watching the preview and not 5 seconds into this thing one of my friends and I simultaneously look at each other and say “didn’t we already see this movie?”. I’m not kidding. I don’t need to see that movie because I’ve already seen it. It was Olympus has Fallen, Gerard already did it and he did it better and WAY hotter then Channing ever could. Even the names of the movies were similar! If the movies were so different why couldn’t WHD’s marketing people have at least used movie shots that didn’t make it look so much like Olympus has Fallen? Someone’s not doing the job right. I’ve not seen Magic Mike and really have no desire to and I’m not saying Channing can’t act, he’s really not bad, (I really liked G.I. Joe, or what there was of him). But it takes more then Channing in a tanktop for me to see a movie.